Sacramento Roseville Zone

This package is to have your restaurant appear in "Great Local Dining Deals" tv commercials in the "Sacramento Roseville" zone of Comcast Cable.  There are approximately 21,000 cable tv households in this zone.
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"Great Dining Deals In Roseville" Commercials –

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DISCLOSURES: The number of subscribing homes receiving advertisements on any cable network is an estimate and may vary by geographic areas and other factors. Any statement of (1) the number of subscribing homes receiving an advertisement and (2) audience estimates are based either on the NCC methodology which utilizes either Nielsen carriage & insertion Universe Estimates or adjusts internal carriage/insertion sub counts by the Nielsen full footprint Interconnect Universe Estimate. Zone estimates are generated by using Nielsen Interconnect Universe Estimates, adjusted on a pro rata basis by internal subscriber counts by zone. Estimates may contain impressions outside the home DMA. SOURCES: United States Census Bureau, United States Bureau of Labor Statistics and American Community Survey.