Advertise Your Restaurant's Deals In
"Great Local Sales & Deals" TV Commercials
It's Super Low Cost, Takes Minutes To Do & Gets You More Business
I ncrease your restaurant’s visibility in your community dramatically and get more customers by being in “Great Local Dining Deals” television commercials in your area. Being in these commercials is a super fast, easy and low cost way to advertise your restaurant’s deals, specials and promotions on television in your area and get more customers. Even if you have a small advertising budget, you can now advertise your restaurant on tv and compete much better with other restaurants in your area. It takes just minutes to get started and all the work is done for you!
Here's What You Get:
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Easy way to advertise dining deals on tv in your area
Being in “Great Local Dining Deals” commercials takes minutes to do. Just choose the package of "Great Local Dining Deals" commercials in your area to be in and then upload a photo of your restaurant and tell us the dining deal you want advertised on tv. We do the rest!
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Your restaurant advertised on major channels
“Great Local Dining Deals ” commercials are shown on major tv channels in your area at high viewing times, including prime time!
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All inclusive, super low price to advertise on tv
For each package of commercials you buy, pay just one all inclusive super low price – far lower than making your own commercials!
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Local tv exposure for your restaurant & more customers
Being on tv dramatically raises your restaurant’s visibility and gets you customers. According to a National Restaurant Association survey, TV is the most effective way to gain customers, beating out print ads, web ads, SEO, coupons and everything else.
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Be in tv commercials as long as you want
There’s no contract – be in as many packages of “Great Local Dining Deals” commercials as you want and when you want. So you can be on tv in your area for super low cost, with all the work done for you and with great flexibility!
If you want a fast, easy and low cost way to advertise your restaurant's deals and promotions on television and increase your business, sign up today to be in "Great Local Dining Deals"  commercials in your area. To start, simply fill out the short order form. In less than 5 minutes you can be on your way to advertising your restaurant on tv in your area for a fraction of the usual cost of tv advertising and getting more customers.
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